Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Start at the Bottom

start at the bottom
the basics: light, shadow, feet.

I thought of dyptych with dog legs and my own in contrast but didn't gel; tried adding some geewhizardry but its pretty marginal as a picture of self as is. adding a milky way overlay and green legs isn't going to make any improvement to wow.

composition is there or isn't and it isn't. there is good light and bicycle grease on me, a laptop, aka external brain, at my toe.

those are my ankles. does identity hinge on the nose? how someone walks may be more characteristic than the configuration of face. a face may say, sat in the sun but calves say been cycling or nope, not a lot of muscle tone there.

we are a face fetish society. if we were primed to use hands or feet as key identifiers of individuals, we could tell each other apart as well. that distinct way a toe clenches on touchy subjects or the way hands get more bulgy-veined or red. they are emotive as well.



  1. Your picture, like your poetry is beautifully done and really thoughtful. Simply put, I like it!