Monday, August 1, 2011

the sting's the thing

the sting's the thing

while cycling on Rideau, hit a pothole and the tire hit the curb. the bike stopped. I didn't. over the handlebars, books out of basket into lanes of traffic, bottles of jar rolling along the sidewalk. those striped pants finally met their end but mostly saved some abrasion of my skin. both knees scraped but able to clear bike and self from street before cars came.

an inuk man ran up to me and asked whether I was ok? was anything broken? was I broken? it looked bad. I assured him I was ok. no glass broken. didn't even scrape my hands. upon getting to the picnic at the park, the sting started in on both knees. but far better than it could have been.


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  1. my other knee is now coloring up its 2" square bruise.